Why Practice Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is not exercise. Hatha utilizes body postures and breath to drive your body's energy in specific directions and deepen the mind-body-spirit connection for meditation. Yin, vinyasa, hot yoga, and other types of yoga are sub-groups of hatha yoga.

Having a solid foundation in hatha helps one to use correct alignment for other types of yoga and help prepare your body for meditation. 

There are many benefits of a hatha yoga practice:

- Builds Heath and Immunity: stimulates the lymphatic system to fight infections and disposes of cellular waste and toxins. A regular yoga practice also helps to improve sleep, digestion, and a happier state of mind.  

- Tones the Spine: our nerves branch from the spine and connecting organ systems to the brain. Maintaining a supple spine keep nerve impulses flowing throughout your body, which promotes better health. 

- Relaxes Mind and Body: by encouraging us to just focus on the breath alone, yoga helps us to relax the mind and release tension in your body. It also helps to improve function of the involuntary nervous system, further relaxing the mind and body. 

- Increases Flexibility: yoga helps to increase the elasticity of connective tissues, the cells that bind muscle fibers together, encapsulate them, and network them with other organs. 

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