Why Practice A Slow Vinyasa Flow?

Moving slow, in life, and in yoga is often more difficult than moving fast. It requires that you be fully present in your body and breath at all times, paying careful attention to alignment of our bodies, breath, and hearts. 

Vinyasa is the unity of breath and movement, but that doesn’t mean it has to be fast. It means that we utilize the depth and length of the inhale, and the depth and the length of the exhale to start and end every movement. If we are able to lengthen our breath, we are able to draw out our movements by moving slowly on our mats to feel our bodies in every asana -- to feel our breath in our bodies as we move, twist, lengthen and extend, creating more depth and space in our bodies, hearts and souls. The beauty of a slow flow is that as it starts to show up on our mats, we start to crave this type of flow in all areas of our lives.

Jennifer especially enjoys evoking the water element as she moves students through slow flows, connecting them to the prana and the flow of the sea. 

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